Youth Parliament

The UK Youth Parliament and Warrington Youth Parliament

“The UK Youth Parliament aims to give young people a voice which will be heard and listened to by local and national government, providers of services for young people, and other agencies who have an interest in the views and needs of young people.”

The UK Youth Parliament (UKYP) allows young people aged 11 to 18 years to have a say on national issues that affect them. The UK Youth Parliament holds a sitting every year and has over 600 representatives (369 seats for elected MYPs, Members of Youth Parliament and over 230 Deputy MYPs).

For more information, please visit the UK Youth Parliament website.

UKYP in Warrington

In Warrington, we elect one Member of UK Youth Parliament, and 2 deputy MYP’s, any young person aged 13-18 can run for the position of member or deputy member and the positions last for two years. Elections take place bi-annually and candidates are usually recruited through schools, colleges, youth projects and voluntary organisations. 

Before we can elect, the official candidates have to be chosen and this is done at a pre-election event.

Colourful people for carousel2014 Youth Parliament elections 

The UK Youth Parliament Election will take place from 2 to 5 June 2014.   All young people aged 11 - 18 can vote.  The results will be announced on Friday 6 June 2014 in the Town Hall.

The pre-election event

The pre-election event will take place at the Youth Cafe, 60 Bank St, Warrington WA1 2AR on Wednesday 30 April 2014.  It starts at 6pm and will finish at 8pm.

The event is open to any young person aged 13-18 years who lives or goes to school / college in Warrington. Here young people will find out more about UKYP and what the role of a candidate is during and after the election. Young people will have to deliver a 2 minute speech about why they want to be MYP, what they would do if elected MYP and why they want to represent the 20,000 young people in Warrington.

Prospective candidates should complete the UKYP application form [.doc]

Return your completed form by email to: or by post to: UK Youth Parliament Election, Orford Youth Base, Capesthorne Road, Warrington, WA2 7QP.

Alternatively, you can bring the form along to the pre-election event.

Warrington MYP duties

The Member of Youth Parliament representing Warrington must attend local IMPACT (the Warrington Youth Forum) meetings, regional North West MYP Group meetings and the national UKYP Annual Sitting in July to ensure that the views of young people are heard at a local, regional and national level.

Locally we ask that all MYPs & DMYPs hold surgeries monthly so that young people can voice their concerns and discuss what is important to them