This section is about health services. It is your right to have the same health care as everyone else. For example this means being able to use your local doctors, dentists, hospitals and opticians.

When you are 18 your doctor should ask you to have a health check up. This should happen every year. It is called an annual health check. It is important that you have your check up so that your doctor can help you to stay healthy and make sure you get all the health services and support that you need.

Some of you may need a lot of support from health care professionals to keep you well. The Access all Areas team will help you with this. They will get in touch with you before you leave school and help you to write a health action plan. This plan will make sure you get the health care and support you need.

Specialist learning disability team

This team can help you to get support from the following people;

You can get in touch with the team yourself or ask your doctor or parent to do this for you. 

Children and adolescent mental health services 

Some of you may need support with your mental health. This team can support you until you are 18. They will tell you where to go for help after you are 18. 

Health awareness raising project 

This project helps you to learn about your body, your feelings, rights and responsibilities. You can do this by joining a men's group or women's group. You have to be 18 or over to take part. You can find out about this project through the Specialist Learning Disability Team.