Drug services in Warrington

Warrington community drug and alcohol team (CRI Pathways)

Community drug team

This service, provided by Crime Reduction Initiatives (CRI), offers a methadone maintenance/reduction clinic service for people affected by drug misuse. Treatment is provided on a confidential basis, together with information on detoxification or rehabilitation services, blood borne virus testing, harm reduction advice and needle exchange. The team also manages the GP Shared Care scheme, and referrals are made when anyone:

  • has a history of drug use
  • requires help, information or advice
  • is injecting or dependent on drugs   

In addition, a range of non-prescribed treatment options include:

  • walk in service offering advice and information
  • central referral/screening centre for all treatment provision
  • counselling on a one-to-one or group basis, relapse prevention
  • relapse prevention 
  • family service work 

Warrington community alcohol team - Pathways to Recovery (CRI)

This is a free and confidential alcohol treatment and recovery service for adults in Warrington

CRI take alcohol treatment out into the heart of the Warrington community and work closely with local GPs.  As well as treating those suffering from alcohol dependency, Pathways also work with community groups and partners to provide education and prevention measures to reduce hazardous drinking and future problems.  They offer an emphasis on working in partnership with service users and their communities to choose pathways to improve health and well being.  This service will offer integrated and comprehensive care pathways for alcohol treatment, prevention and recovery including: 

  • Screening for alcohol use disorders
  • Advice & Information 
  • Comprehensive assessment
  • Brief Interventions and Extended Brief Interventions
  • Health and wellbeing assessments
  • Community based alcohol detox and referrals for in-patient detox
  • Acute hospital in-reach
  • Psychosocial interventions to improve health and well being
  • Recovery Group work programmes
  • 1:1 key worker sessions

For free and confidential advice or information, contact Pathways to Recovery (CRI) on 01925 415176
Out of hours helpline: 07919558644 
Address: 14-16 Bold street Warrington WA1 1DE