Public transport

Public transport

Welcome to Travel Warrington, your sustainable transport hub.  Here you can find out all about the different ways to travel, how you can save money, get fit and healthy and help the environment.

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The Travel Warrington Portal is a convenient place to find all the information you need to make your own travel choices for leisure or for work.

Find out about public transport, cycling and walking - plus you can take the Warrington commuter challenge and find out how much money you're saving and how many calories you're burning! 

There are also lots of useful information, links and other websites where you can get more advice and support to make improvements to the way you travel.

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Green commuter rewards portal 

Compete with colleagues, earn points, and track your calories, money and CO2 saved by commuting to work by bicycle, foot, or public transport! Stravel points can be redeemed at participating retailers and you are automatically entered into prize draws.

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