Dog warden service

Stray dogs

Stray dogs

Under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 local authorities became responsible for the collection of stray dogs.  An unattended dog in a public place is a stray dog. Stray dogs are not only a danger to themselves but can be a risk or cause nuisance to members of the public.

The dog warden collects stray dogs on a daily basis and takes them to our holding kennels at Cheshire Dogs Home. The wardens try to find owners and re-unite dog and owner as soon as possible. It is an offence for a pet dog to be in a public place without a collar and tag with the owners name and address on it - this includes when a person is in charge of the dog. If the dog has an identity tag it allows the dog warden to find the owner immediately, causing less worry for the owner and less stress for the dog.

The dog warden can give you advice on responsible dog ownership, including routine health care such as worming and de-fleaing, vaccinating your dog, neutering and micro-chipping.

If you want to report a dog lost, found or straying between 8am-12noon, Monday-Friday, please Contact Warrington.

Animal Wardens

Animal Wardens provide our ‘out of hours’ service from 12noon–1am during weekdays and over the weekends.

They respond to calls from members of the public regarding the possession of stray dogs and if necessary they will provide overnight kennelling before they are transported to Cheshire Dogs Home the next working day.

If you want to report a stray dog between the hours of 12noon-1am, Monday-Friday, or anytime on Saturday and Sunday, please contact the Animal Wardens on 0161 334 0042.

Recovery fees

If your dog has been seized by the dog warden and taken to Cheshire Dogs Home, you will be required to pay a recovery fee.  All recovery fees must be paid in full to Cheshire Dogs Home. Your dog must be reclaimed within seven days; any unclaimed, healthy dogs will be put up for adoption by Cheshire Dogs Home.

On and after 1 April 2014 
Up to 3 days
Up to 7 days
8+ days
Dogs will be put up for adoption by Cheshire Dogs Home


If you are being disturbed by barking dogs you can use the online noise reporting form to tell us about it, and we will investigate it as a noise complaint.