History of Warrington's parks

History of Rixton Claypits

Until the 1920s the area on which the claypits now stand was farmed for centuries.

Clay extraction: In the 1920s clay extraction began leaving several deep pits in the process. In 1965 this work ceased and the area was left to mature.

Recent history: For the last 25 years much controversy and debate has surrounded the pits. Ownership has changed hands a number of times as several applications for landfill were made and rejected.

Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI):  Following a number of studies, SSSI status was given to area 3 in 1979, then areas 1 and 2 in 1990. More recently all areas outside the SSSI have been noted as SBIs, grade A (Site of Biological Importance). In 1996 Rixton became a Local Nature Reserve (LNR).