Fortnightly waste collection service

The reasons and the benefits

Easier to understand

We’re making the changes for many reasons. We’re looking to improve the waste collection service that we provide for you, to make it easier to understand your collection day – instead of having several collection days for black, blue and green bins you will have one single day of collection each week. In recent years we have introduced blue bin and green bin recycling. Thanks to the efforts of householders like you we recycle far more than ever before. This has reduced the amount of rubbish collected from black bins. In changing the frequency of your refuse collection service we can provide an easier to understand service with less confusing collection days.

Difficult choices

The council has difficult choices to make. You will all be aware of the reduction to council budgets across the country. These reductions also apply to Warrington Borough Council. In ‘Making the Move’ to provide alternate weekly collections we are hoping to reduce the amount of money we spend on waste collection and disposal by £1million per year. There will be no reduction in the quality of your waste collection service and ‘Making the Move’ will help to safeguard other council services.


The council has targets to reach for the amount of waste it collects, the amount of waste it recycles and for the amount of waste it sends for disposal. The more waste we collect for disposal and the less we recycle, the less likely we are to reach our targets and the more expensive the waste service becomes. In ‘Making the Move’ to alternate weekly collections we hope that more households will be encouraged to recycle, using the blue and green bin services that we provide for you at home.

We would like to make the changes to the collection service from April 2013. The sooner we can make the changes, the better and more affordable the service will become. The move to alternate weekly collections will help make remembering collection days easier, increase our recycling rates, send less waste for disposal and save money that can be used to help protect other vital council services such as care for the elderly. 


We realise that some households will not find the move to alternate weekly collections an easy option. Please don’t worry – we will help you in ‘Making the Move’ with lots of advice and information on what you can recycle and how. We’ll help you with the green bin service and home composting, plus give you lots of handy information on producing less waste and saving money on your shopping bills by wasting less. We will work with you to help you in ‘Making the Move’.