Council warns of “potentially dangerous” internet sedatives in Warrington

Published Tuesday, 29th April 2014

WARRINGTON Borough Council has warned of “an undisclosed amount of illicit diazepam” circulating in the Warrington and Halton area, which could be seriously harmful to users’ health.

Diazepam is a drug commonly used to treat anxiety and other conditions. But the illicit variety currently believed to be circulating could be dangerous, the council’s Drugs and Alcohol Action Team (DAAT) has warned.  

Cathy Fitzgerald, head of DAAT, explained today: “The information we’ve had from a trustworthy source suggests that the illicit diazepam has come here via the internet, possibly from Turkey.  

“The pills have not been produced by a reputable manufacturer, and at the moment we can’t say exactly what they contain.  

“But we can say that we’ve had some serious incidents over the last week which could have been fatal, especially when alcohol is involved.”  

Cathy Fitzgerald concluded: “Purchasing any drugs whether off the internet or not brings with it associated risks, and often purchasers do not know what they are buying. Please ensure you seek advice and information on any drugs if you are having to buy.”