Council sets out to improve school road safety

Published Friday, 4th July 2014

THE council has announced the launch of a new experimental scheme to tackle parking and improve road safety around St Elphin’s Primary School in Fairfield.

The scheme will be called Safe Pedestrian Access to Salisbury Street and will be in effect from Monday 7 July 2014. This is the first time an experimental scheme such as this has been trialled in Warrington.

It is the result of a considerable amount of work by the council, in partnership with the Fairfield Community Association, Cheshire Police, St Elphin’s Primary School, and local councillors, to develop a solution which seeks to balance the needs of local residents as well as the need for school parking.

Residents, and other qualifying persons, in Salisbury Street will be given permits for their vehicles and will be the only motorists allowed to travel down this street on Monday to Friday between 8.15 – 9am and 2.45 - 3.45pm.

Additionally, between 8.15 – 9am and 2.45 - 3.45pm on Monday to Friday, only motorists who are accessing a property will be able to use the following roads:  

- Glazebrook Street

- Wood Street

- Helsby Street

- Robson Grove

Any motorists travelling on these streets, including school traffic, who are not accessing a property, would be committing an offence.

There will be around 40 new parking bays, for school parking, provided along the north side of Farrell Street. These parking bays will limit parking between 8am – 6pm on Monday to Friday to 2 hours maximum stay, with no return within 2 hours.

Pupils at St Elphin’s Primary School have taken part in a competition to design the artwork for road signs which will be in place around the area to advise motorists. The winning design will be chosen at a school assembly on the 18 July.

Cllr Linda Dirir, executive board member for highways, transportation and climate change, said: “Road safety around a busy school area is absolutely essential and that’s why we are trialling this scheme.

“We have been working very closely with Fairfield Community Association, the school community, and local residents, to come up with a solution to the issues that have been brought to us. A working group was set up and a lot of consultation work has been carried out studying the parking conditions and how we can improve road safety for children travelling to the school and minimise inconvenience for local residents.

“We hope this scheme ensures safe pedestrian access to Salisbury Street and we will be monitoring it, and continuing to engage with the local community and school, to see how it can be improved or changed if need be.”

Residents, and other qualifying persons, in Salisbury Street have received information about how to apply for an access permit.