We're now in a new phase of our response to the coronavirus pandemic. It's never been so important to identify local outbreaks rapidly and take action to control them and prevent them from spreading.

We have worked with partners to develop Local Outbreak Control Plans. These plans explain how we have put in place measures to identify and contain outbreaks to protect your health. 

Our Outbreak Control Plans are working documents and will be updated regularly to ensure they're up to date. They are focused primarily on controlling outbreaks. However, preventing spread of the virus is still critical to prevent outbreaks in Warrington and to avoid a second wave of the pandemic.

You need to continue to follow national and local guidance on staying at home if symptomatic. Please also continue to observe social distancing, washing hands, and using face coverings in public places.

Through our plans, we will ensure:

  • we are proactive in dealing with outbreaks, to prevent them from spreading further
  • we identify outbreaks early on, by responding to alerts about suspected cases
  • we support people and settings by providing practical and up-to-date guidance and support on infection control

Our outbreak control plans

The ten aspects for system prevention and plan for complex settings documents outline our approach to whole-system prevention or, and preparedness for, local COVID-19 outbreaks. They provide overarching support to managing the consequences of outbreaks in complex settings.

Educational establishments

This plan covers the prevention and management of outbreaks in schools and other educational and childcare settings.

For the latest Public Health England resource pack and minimum data set documents, please email education@warrington.gov.uk

Care homes

This is the setting-specific plan for preventing and responding to outbreaks in our care homes.