In 2019 we obtained ring-fenced resources from the government via their Local Growth Fund to deliver some of the cycling and walking schemes within our Local Transport Plan.

One of our priority schemes is the upgrade of part of the Trans Pennine Trail in Latchford, between Knutsford Road and Wilderspool Causeway - as shown on the plan below. 

Trans Pennine Trail project upgrade

Scheme update

This scheme was completed in May 2021.

The scheme was designed to provide an improved route between Knutsford Road and Wilderspool Causeway with improved connections into nearby parks and residential areas. The new path now has a surface that is more weather resistant and harder wearing, benefiting people walking, cycling, using mobility scooters and wheelchairs. It also allows people to travel sustainably, healthily and safely.                                        

The works associated with the scheme had minimal impact on any residents who backed onto the path. All of the improvements were along the line of the existing route. We had permission from Peel Ports Ltd to carry out the works where it took place on their land. 

Tree maintenance

There are several hundred trees along the route, the vast majority of which will be retained due to their importance to the TPT environment and nearby Black Bear Park. However, to facilitate the scheme and to prevent future root damage and leaf drop onto the new path, around 50 trees were removed. Most of these were of low value, some of which we've found to be diseased. We will be working with our Tree and Woodland officer to identify places where we can plant new specimen trees, either along the route or in nearby locations.