Admission to Maintained Nursery School /Nursery Classes

The council directly maintains one nursery school and 28 nursery classes attached to a variety of primary schools within the borough.

Children usually attend a maintained nursery for 12 months (three terms) prior to the year in which they start Reception Class. A ‘place’ is usually offered as five morning or five afternoon sessions per week (15 hours a week) or 30 hour placements for children aged 3-4 years, however, maintained nurseries admit children in subsequent terms, if they have places available.

As well as nursery places in schools we also offers grants to provide free nursery places in pre-schools and nurseries operated by voluntary or private groups. Please visit for more information on these types of nurseries and for advice and guidance on the type of nursery place to best suit your child’s needs.

How to apply for a place at a Maintained Nursery for September 2022

For admissions to Nursery School/Nursery Classes for September 2022 applications will be considered first from parents of children born between 1 September 2018 and 31 August 2019.