We have two sites for those with no symptoms of coronavirus who cannot work from home in Warrington – one at the Halliwell Jones Stadium, the other at Grappenhall Cricket Club.

These sites are called asymptomatic testing sites because if you do not have any COVID symptoms, you are asymptomatic.

The sites will help to identify people who are not displaying any coronavirus symptoms but who may still have the virus and could therefore pass it, unknowingly, to others. The testing sites are for key workers only or for those providing care, both formally and informally.

Opening times

The opening times for the sites are:

      Halliwell Jones Stadium

      • Weekdays: 12noon - 6pm
      • Saturday: 8am - 3.30pm

      Grappenhall Cricket Club

      • Weekdays: 12noon – 6pm
      • Saturday: 8.30am - 3.30pm

      Asymptomatic people only

      If you are displaying any symptoms of coronavirus, however mild, including a new, persistent cough, high temperature or loss of normal taste or smell, you must not turn up to either of the asymptomatic testing sites and should instead book an NHS test through the normal process via the gov.uk website.

      The testing sites will use rapid lateral flow tests (LFTs) to provide results without the need for laboratory equipment. The devices use a nose and throat swab to identify the presence or absence coronavirus, and can be self-administered under the supervision of trained staff.

      Visiting the site

      You won’t need to book in advance to visit either asymptomatic testing site. The south stand of the Halliwell Jones will be used to register people and will have testing booths and recording facilities on-site. Grappenhall Cricket Club will also have a similar set-up, with clear signage in place to enter and exit the building. There will be queue management processes in place at both sites, so that those that live and work in Warrington, who cannot work from home, can visit either site at any point during the general opening times.

      Taking the test

      Taking your test will be via a throat and nose swab, with clear guidance and instructions to be offered. Testing staff at the facility will be available to direct people to testing booths and will advise on how to take the test.

      As soon as you have taken your test, you should leave the testing site, ensuring that you sanitise your hands and remain socially distanced from others.

      Receiving your result

      After you have taken the self-swab in the testing station and left the site, you will receive your result by text and/or email. If your result is positive, you must self-isolate immediately and book a confirmatory NHS coronavirus test in the normal way via gov.uk or by calling 119 if you do not have internet access.

      If your test is negative, it is absolutely vital that you continue to follow the current national restrictions. Receiving a negative test result does not make you exempt from the current guidance and restrictions. It is vital that you adhere to the rules by keeping socially distanced, wearing a face covering, washing your hands and staying at home as much as possible.


      Who can visit the asymptomatic testing sites?

      You can visit our asymptomatic testing sites if you are a key worker, cannot work from home under the national restrictions or are providing care to somebody, both informally and formally and do not have any covid symptoms.

      Can I accompany someone to the testing sites?

      You should not accompany anyone to get tested, unless somebody requires support to get tested eg if they have a disability or condition that would prevent them from getting tested independently.

      I have symptoms, can I check if I have COVID at these sites?

      No – if you have any coronavirus symptoms, however mild, please self-isolate immediately and book a PCR test at gov.uk/get-coronavirus-test

      You should not come to either of our asymptomatic testing sites if you have any symptoms.

      I’ve been told to self-isolate but don’t have symptoms, can I come to the site to check if I have coronavirus?

      No – if you have been instructed to self-isolate by NHS Test and Trace, you must remain at home. Self-isolating also means that you should not leave your house for any reason, including shopping for essentials or for exercise.

      What happens if I test positive?

      If you test positive using one of the lateral flow tests at our asymptomatic sites, please self-isolate immediately and book a confirmatory PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test through the gov.uk website. A PCR test is slightly different because it is not rapid and has to go away to a laboratory to be processed.

      What happens if I test negative?

      If you test negative, please ensure that you continue to follow the restrictions in place. A negative test is not a free pass – you still need to observe the rules and stick to the basics of ‘hands, face, space’. Make sure to keep getting tested regularly at our asymptomatic sites, too.

      I am able to work from home but just want to check for myself whether I have coronavirus, even though I don’t have symptoms. Can I turn up?

      No – the asymptomatic testing sites are for people who cannot work from home or are providing care. If you are able to work from home, you must stay at home wherever possible in line with the current restrictions.

      What are lateral flow tests? How do they work?

      Lateral flow tests are rapid throat and nose swab tests which do not require laboratory processing and can show a positive test result within the space of a an hour. They have been used to identify many positive cases of coronavirus, where people have not had any symptoms but who have covid and could therefore have unknowingly passed the virus on to others.

      How long does the test take?

      The test itself takes only a couple of minutes. You may have to queue for a short time at either of our testing sites but staff are on hand to ensure safe queue management and that you can receive your test as quickly as possible.

      Once you have taken your test, please leave the testing site immediately. You will be notified of your test result by text/call or email.

      Where can I park to access the Halliwell Jones Stadium site?

      Car Park 1 at the Halliwell Jones stadium, on Dallam Lane, is available for free parking. Ample car parking is also available at Grappenhall Cricket Club.

      Will I do the test myself or does someone else do it?

      Yes you will do the test to yourself. It is painless. You insert the end of the swab into your mouth and tickle your tonsils and then insert the same swab up one nostril, twirl it around and then pass the swab to a trained person at the site who will process the test. It can make your eyes water a bit and sometimes it makes you want to gag a little but it is not painful.

      Can I bring my children to get tested at the sites?

      You cannot get your child tested at the site. If you are a key worker and cannot work from home or are providing care to somebody, and have absolutely no option but to take your children to the testing site, you can do so, although arranging childcare before going to the testing site is strongly advised.

      I am not a key worker but am really worried. Can I get a test?

      The Department for Health and Social Care (DHSC) has authorised and licensed the Warrington Borough Council testing sites only for key workers and those who have caring responsibilities. Everyone else has been told by government to stay at home so the answer is no.

      If you have any coronavirus symptoms, you can book a PCR test via the gov.uk website.