Warrington town centre and our other shopping districts are open for business.

We’re working with our partners and businesses to make it as secure as possible for all workers, shoppers and visitors.

Your safety comes first

It’s important at all times to follow the national guidance, alongside any additional local restrictions. We're encouraging everyone in Warrington to:

  • Get vaccinated
  • Wash your hands often
  • Consider wearing a face covering to help protect yourself and others

Maintain excellent hand/personal hygiene and please consider wearing a face covering to protect yourself and others.

What can you expect?

Businesses will also be working to ensure that their staff are working in a safe and secure way. Some venues may choose to still advise certain things, such as wearing face coverings. Please respect each venue's decisions on what COVID restrictions or advice they will be offering to customers. Please be patient and follow the processes they have in place.  

You may notice increased use of ventilation, such as windows being left open, hand sanitiser stations and possibly queuing, or ‘one in one out’ systems. Staff may also be wearing PPE such as masks or visors.

Be patient - and think of others

Please be patient and respect the rules. You might have no problem getting around the town centre, but there may be people who won't have ventured out in a long time and will be nervous about doing so. You can play your part by being patient and keeping your distance. Not everyone will be moving forward at the same time, so when some of our more vulnerable people venture out, please be considerate.

Travelling in Warrington

People coming into the town centre will have seen that a number of changes have been made to improve safety and accessibility. These included highways improvements, increased support for cyclists and pedestrians, and new safety signage to keep people safe as they move around the town centre.

We have been making changes to our footways and cyclepaths to help ensure residents are able to keep a safe distance from others while they’re out and about, whether as a pedestrian or cyclist. This includes measures on the roads as well as in parks and on greenway routes.

We also installed measures to reduce through traffic within the town centre, creating a better environment for cyclists and pedestrians coming into and out of the town centre. These measures include restricting vehicle movements in some locations, changing some routes to prioritise cyclists, and installing temporary signage for traffic to improve safety.

There has been a surge in people walking and cycling during the pandemic. As a consequence we want to support this positive move towards active travel as it has so many personal benefits in terms of physical and mental health.  

Public transport

All bus operators, including Warrington’s Own Buses, are supporting safe travel through on-board capacity limits, screens and sanitisers, and PPE. Customers are asked to use contactless payment where possible, or use the exact change for the fare.

School travel

We are working with schools, bus operators and other partners to support parents and pupils travelling to school. Safety measures are being reviewed regularly to help schools and families continue to make use of public transport services safely. And in turn, encouraging more active travel to school.

Health and safety concerns in a business environment?

If you’re concerned that a local business isn’t following health and safety guidance, you can contact the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) about this by calling 0300 790 6787 or highlight it to the HSE online.

If you still have concerns

Tell us about your COVID safety issue