The changes to Local Safeguarding Children’s Boards have also brought about changes to learning processes such as Serious Case Reviews.  

Nationally there is a Child Safeguarding Practice Review Panel.  This panel will oversee each areas decision to initiate Local Reviews.  This panel will also receive a Rapid Review report from the area that outlines the case and any lessons to be learnt.  In certain circumstances the national panel may determine that a case has significant national learning and they will take responsibility for commissioning a national level review.

Locally we’ll receive notifications on serious child safeguarding cases, such as:

  • Suspected/known abuse or neglect of a child
  • Child death or serious injury

The local authority will identify such cases with the other core partners.  WPS then holds a rapid review panel made from core partners and involved agencies, reviewing against the criteria set out in the Working Together 2018 document.  From this a Local Safeguarding Practice Review could then be commissioned.

Once concluded reports of the reviews will be published here.