If you are experiencing issues at home, the Homelessness and Housing Advice Service offer a number of specialist services and advice.

Sanctuary scheme

If you have experienced domestic abuse and still living in the home, you may feel vulnerable and unsafe even after the offender has moved out of the property. The sanctuary scheme provides security, safety and support measures, such as upgrading door and window locks and improving security lighting around the property.  

Domestic abuse

If you're suffering from domestic abuse, there are a number of local and national domestic abuse support services that can offer advice and assistance. The Homelessness and Housing Advice Service can offer advice on housing options available and can make arrangements for temporary accommodation to be provided in some cases.

Harassment and illegal eviction

If you are a private tenant and are illegally evicted, then the council may be able to assist with finding you alternative accommodation. We may be able to negotiate with the landlord on your behalf or support a prosecution against your landlord, if there is sufficient evidence.

If you have any issues with your landlord, Shelter provide useful information about what constitutes harassment by a landlord and how to deal with it.

Homelessness and Housing Advice Service

The Gateway
89 Sankey Street
WA1 1SR.

Email at housingadvice@warrington.gov.uk or call 01925 246868.

If you have an emergency out-of-hours, call 01925 444400.