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You need a licence from the council to run a boarding kennel or cattery. The number of dogs and cats that you can accommodate will be detailed on the licence along with other conditions.

The council may authorise an officer, veterinary surgeon or practitioner to inspect licensed premises.
Who can apply?
Anyone as long as you haven't been disqualified from:

- keeping an animal boarding establishment
- keeping a pet shop under the Pet Animals Act 1951
- keeping animals under the Protection of Animals (Amendment) Act 1954
- owning, keeping, being involved in the keeping, or being entitled to control or influence the keeping of animals under the Animals Welfare Act 2006
- dealing in animals, transporting or being involved in the transportation of animals under the Animals Welfare Act 2006
How to apply
The following criteria will be considered when the application is being evaluated:

- That the animals will be kept in good accommodation with clean and adequate space, and have facilities for exercise
- That food, drink and bedding materials will be provided and that the animals will be exercised and visited regularly
- That spread of disease among the animals will be prevented and controlled, with isolation facilities in place
- That protection will be provided to the animals in the case of fire and other emergencies.
- That there will be a register that has the description of all the animals, their arrival and departure dates, and the names and addresses of their owners.
Fees and charges
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After we receive your application
We will process your application as quickly as possible. If you have not heard anything back from us within three months of your application, you can assume that your application has been approved.
You can appeal if:
- you're refused a licence
- you're a licence holder and unhappy with a condition attached to your licence
- you're unhappy with the decision of a licence review and the withdrawing of a certificate

If you're planning to appeal, please contact the council in the first instance. Appeals must then be made to the local magistrates' court within 21 days of the licensing decision.
If a member of the public has a complaint about your licence, we always advise that they contact you directly, preferably in the form a letter with proof of delivery. If that has not worked, we advise the person to contact the Citizens Advice Guide, or the UK European Consumer Centre if they’re outside the UK.
Citizens Advice Guide
UK European Consumer Centre
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