Public Health Training - Basic Suicide Prevention

Course name
Basic Suicide Prevention
Course information

Who can attend the Basic Suicide Prevention session?
This training session is open to front line workers and volunteers from not-for-profit organisations, which support Warrington residents. The session is aimed at workers who want a basic understanding of suicide and to feel more confident about discussing the issue with the people they support.

The purpose of the training is to:

  • enable people to recognise when someone might feel suicidal
  • increase people’s confidence about raising the issue of suicide with those they support
  • increase people’s knowledge of support services

Learning outcomes
After the session we anticipate people will:

  • be able to identify signs that might suggest someone is thinking about suicide
  • be able to recognise risk and identify key risk factors 
  • have increased confidence to ask direct questions about suicide 
  • be able to list key support services for people who feel suicidal

The areas the session covers include:

  • what can make people vulnerable to suicide
  • warning signs to look out for
  • how to ask people whether they’re thinking about suicide
  • protective factors
  • recognising risk
  • getting help and support

The session involves a PowerPoint presentation, large group discussion, small group work and exercises in pairs. Handouts are provided after the training in electronic format. The session concentrates on adults (rather than children and young people). 

Focus of the training
This isn’t a therapeutic session, it’s a practical, structured session, offering techniques and information to enable people to feel more confident to intervene, if they think someone is suicidal.

We know that at times people can find suicide prevention training difficult because of personal experiences. The training might stir up difficult feelings for some people, so we ask that individuals choose a time to attend when they feel able to manage any difficult feelings that may arise for them.

Information about support services for people who feel suicidal, or who have been bereaved by suicide can be found on Warrington’s mental health awareness site

The session is three and a half hours long.

Where will the training session be held?
The session will be held at different venues across Warrington.

Is there a cost?
The Basic Suicide Prevention training is free, but there’s a charge for non-attendance. If you book onto the session and don’t turn up, then your organisation will be charged. There will also be a charge if you cancel your place less than two weeks before the date of the training.

The training is for front line workers and volunteers from not-for-profit organisations, which support Warrington residents. If you attend a session and you are not eligible to attend, then your organisation will be charged. For more details on charges you can download the Cancellation and Non-Attendance Policy from this page.

Checking training dates and booking onto the session
The session is delivered roughly once a month. If you are a manger booking staff on to the training, then we ask that you don’t book more than three people from the same team, onto the same training date. This is to ensure a good mix of people with different roles and experiences, as it tends to create a better learning environment.

You can check the dates; the availability of places on each date; and book yourself on via the link below.

Book online

Booking queries
If you have queries about the booking process, please email

Would you like to be informed about new dates?
If you would like to know when new dates are set, please email and ask to be added to the waiting list for the Basic Suicide Prevention session

Request that this training is delivered to a group

Request this course for between 12 - 20 of your staff