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Public Health Training - Making every contact count (MECC)

Course name
Making every contact count (MECC)
Course information

Who Should Attend

This basic public health training is relevant to all staff or volunteers who have contact with the public.


The aim of the session is to increase the confidence and skills of frontline workers and volunteers, so they feel more able to talk to members of the public about making healthy choices (such as exercising more, or stopping smoking). The training emphasises that every contact with a client or patient is an opportunity to have a conversation about lifestyle issues, how these can impact on wellbeing, and what individuals might do to help themselves to stay healthy. You are advised to attend the "Making Every Contact Count" session before progressing on to level two and three training.

Learning Outcomes

  • Increased knowledge of local public health issues
  • Increased understanding of your role in relation to public health
  • Increased confidence in addressing lifestyle issues through conversations
  • Increased knowledge of local lifestyle and wellbeing services

Course Content

MECC training includes an overview of key public health areas: tobacco control, healthy eating and activity, substance misuse, cancer, sexual health, healthy ageing and mental health. Skills practice exercises in relation to wellbeing conversations; local support services; and how to refer people in to services are also covered in the session.

Course duration 

10am - 12.30pm

How to book a place
Request that this training is delivered to a group