Licences and permits - Safety certificate for sports stands

Type of licence
Building control
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If you run a sports ground, you need a safety certificate from the council. You must comply with any conditions attached to a certificate.

You can apply for:

- a general safety certificate
- a special safety certificate (for special occasions)

One certificate may cover more than one stand.
Who can apply?
- General certificate: you must be the person responsible for the management of the ground.

- Special certificate: you must be the person responsible for the activity for that occasion.
Fees and charges
No fees apply for this type of licence.
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Legislation and guidance
Guidance notes
Please contact the council first.

You can appeal to the magistrates’ court if you have any objections to any issues regarding your safety certificate.

Any person who is served with a notice determining that a sports stand is a regulated sports stand may appeal to the local Magistrates' court.

Any person concerned with ensuring compliance with the terms and conditions of the safety certificate may appeal to the magistrate's court, against any condition attached to, or the omission of anything from, a safety certificate, or against the refusal to amend or replace a safety certificate.
We would always advise that in the event of a complaint, you should contact the trader first, preferably in the form a letter with proof of delivery. If that has not worked, and you live in the UK, Advice Guide will help. If you’re outside the UK, contact the UK European Consumer Centre.
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