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Public Health Training - Looking after your mental wellbeing using

Course name
Looking after your mental wellbeing using
Course information

Who should attend the workshop?
This workshop is open to:

  • staff and volunteers from not-for-profit organisations which support Warrington residents
  • Warrington residents

On some dates the workshop will be run just for workers and volunteers, on others just for residents.


  • To familiarise people with the “wellbeing” section of Warrington’s mental health website
  • To provide people with knowledge of where they can find a range of free evidenced-based self-help resources, that can be used to maintain or improve mental wellbeing

Learning outcomes

Following the workshop we anticipate people will be able to:

  • Explain what mental wellbeing is and why it’s important to promote it
  • Demonstrate where, on the Happy? OK? Sad? site free, self-help resources for maintaining, or improving mental wellbeing can be found
  • Briefly explain three key resources or campaigns for promoting mental wellbeing

Workshop content

This interactive workshop focuses on mental wellbeing. By guiding people around the “looking after our mental wellbeing” section of the Happy OK? Sad? website, the workshop shows people the range of self-help resources relating to mental wellbeing, which they can access through the site. The workshop includes a PowerPoint presentation, discussion in small groups and exercises illustrating different self-help resources people can use to look after their mental wellbeing.

An important part of looking after mental wellbeing is asking for support, so the workshop also covers where on the site people can find information about mental health support services; and where they can get support if they need urgent help.

Workshop Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

How to book a place

Book a place now

If you are a manger booking staff on to the training, then we ask that you don’t book more than three people from the same team, onto the same training date. This is to ensure a good mix of people with different roles and experiences, as it tends to create a better learning environment.