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Public Health Training - A practical guide to, Warrington’s mental health awareness website

Course name
A practical guide to, Warrington’s mental health awareness website
Course information

Who should attend the workshop?
This workshop is open to:

  • staff and volunteers from not-for-profit organisations which support Warrington residents
  • Warrington residents

On some dates the workshop will be run just for workers and volunteers, on others just for residents.

To enable people to easily locate information about local and national mental health support services, campaigns and resources.

Learning outcomes
Following the workshop we anticipate people will have increased knowledge of:

  • how to locate information about local and national mental health services
  • the range of mental health services available in Warrington
  • how to access local mental health services
  • key mental health and wellbeing campaigns
  • how to navigate the site
  • mental health promotion resources available

Workshop content
This is an interactive workshop which guides people around the Happy? OK? Sad? site; explains how to navigate it; and gives an overview of the different pages and their content. The workshop also covers some of the resources and training opportunities which the Public Health Team offers.

The session involves participants completing an exercise in pairs, by navigating the Happy? OK? Sad? site on their own phones, tablets or computers. If you’re booking onto the session and don’t have a device on which you can access the internet, then please let us know at the time you book and we’ll arrange for a device to be made available.

Workshop Duration: 1 hour

How to book a place

Book a place now

You can check dates, availability of places and book on to the workshop via the Public Health training webpage

If you are a manger booking staff on to the training, then we ask that you don’t book more than three people from the same team, onto the same training date. This is to ensure a good mix of people with different roles and experiences, as it tends to create a better learning environment.

This workshop is free, but there’s a charge for non-attendance, so if you book onto the workshop and then don’t turn up, your organisation will be charged £50. There will also be a charge if you are unable to attend and you cancel your place less than two weeks before the date of the training. For more details you can download the Cancellation/Non-attendance Policy from the webpage above.

This Public Health training is for frontline workers and volunteers from not-for-profit organisations, which support Warrington residents. It’ also open to Warrington residents. If you attend the training and you are not eligible to attend, then your organisation will be charged.