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Concessionary travel scheme

Dropped kerbs

Events on the highway

Road Works Information

Preliminary flood risk assessment

Capital project overview

Swing bridge openings 2013-18

Permit scheme and associated documents

Disabled person’s bus pass

Why are roads closed during roadworks?

Traffic Management, Road Safety and Highway adoptions service charges and price schedule

Past investigations - Flooding

UTMC transport fund

Highways Asset Management Strategy

Flood risk and flooding

Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS)

Belvoir Rd, Hill Cliffe Rd, Walton New Rd & Walton Rd

A56 Walton New Road & Walton Road Diversion

Belvoir Road Diversion

Hill Cliffe Road Diversion

Warrington Road, Risley Information

Warrington Road, Risley Diversion Route

Brookfield Road, Lymm Information

Bridgefoot Information

Bridgefoot Phase 1 Diversion

Bridgefoot Phase 2 Diversion

Bridgefoot Phase 3 Diversion

Bridgefoot Phase 4 Diversion

Bridgefoot Phase 5 Diversion

Bridgefoot Phase 6 Diversion

Bridgefoot Phase 7 Diversion

Bridgefoot Phase 8 Diversion

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