Energy rebate payments updates 

26 May 2022

We’ve now paid out over £8m in Council Tax energy rebates to 54,000 households.

In some cases we require further details before we can make a payment. We will be writing to those customers to resolve any queries.

For those residents who don’t pay their Council Tax by direct debit we’re currently testing the process and form needed to apply for the rebate.

This should be completed by the middle of June.  The application form will then be made available on our website.

We understand any delays are frustrating but we have to follow government guidance and ensure payments are issued correctly.

18 May 2022

We are still processing the £150 energy rebate to residents who pay their Council Tax by Direct Debit. Almost 50,000 residents have received the funds and we are now checking accounts where the liable resident for Council Tax and the name of the Direct Debit payer don’t match. We expect to clear these this week meaning several thousand more payments will be made in the next few days.

9 May 2022

We will start processing the £150 Energy Rebate payments for those residents who pay by direct debit from Tuesday 10 May 2022.  If your direct debit was set up before 17 April 2022 you should receive your payment early next week. Please note, if you have recently changed address this may cause a delay in processing your payment.

The government has announced a package of support to help households with rising energy bills. We will start making the payments in May 2022.

What support is available?

  • A £150 non-repayable rebate - for all households in council tax bands A-D in England.
  • £144 million of discretionary funding for local authorities to support households who need support but are not eligible for the £150 energy rebate.

How will the £150 energy rebate work?

  • Households in Warrington in council tax bands A-D will be eligible for a £150 payment this year.
  • The rebate will be made directly by the council. This won’t have to be repaid.
  • 84% of households in Warrington are in council tax bands A-D, so will benefit from this rebate. The rebate will not be paid for second homes or empty properties.

If you pay your council tax by direct debit

  • Households in council tax bands A-D who pay their council tax by direct debit will receive their rebate in May.
  • You will not need to apply for this rebate, we will pay it to you automatically – straight into the bank account that pays your direct debit
    • We will announce on this website and other social media channels, when we start paying the rebates
    • The volume of rebates we have to pay means that it will take us a few days to complete all payments. Therefore, some residents may receive their rebate a day or 2 before other households receive theirs

If you pay your council tax by any other payment method

  • Households in bands A-D who do not pay by direct debit, will need to apply to us for this rebate.
  • We will create an application form which will be available during the second half of May on our website. This will allow you to tell us which bank account you want us to pay the rebate into.

If you live in a property outside council tax bands A-D

  • For people who need help with their energy bills but are not eligible – such as households on income support in higher council tax bands (E-H) or with properties in bands A-D that are exempt from council tax – the council will receive a share of the £144 million of discretionary funding to help.
  • Further details on how to apply to our discretionary scheme will be available in late May.

Do I need to do anything?

£150 energy rebates for council tax bands A-D

Having a direct debit set up means that we can automatically pay the £150 energy rebate straight into your bank account.