Festive family fun is returning to Parr Hall this winter with one of the nation's best-loved pantomimes.

Cinderella tells the story of a young girl who lives with her father and two ugly step-sisters. One day, tickets arrive for a glittering ball at the palace but Cinderella's ugly step-sisters conspire to steal her ticket. However, Cinderella's friend Buttons and her Fairy Godmother work together to get her to the ball, where she finally meets the Prince. But as the clock strikes midnight, Cinderella hurries home and leaves behind her silver slipper. Will the Prince be able to use the slipper to find Cinderella? Or will the step-sisters’ devious tricks keep them apart?

Find out as this much-loved panto heads to town with more sing-along songs and traditional panto humour than you can wave a wand at!

For more information on tickets and booking please go to the Parr Hall website.


Cinderella Pantomime Poster