This statement outlines the financial support that we have allocated and paid out to social care providers to support them with the financial impact of coronavirus (COVID-19).

Contingency payments

We prioritised contingency schemes and payments to providers in early April, in addition to paying providers quickly to support cash-flow. Under the contingency payment scheme, providers have received an allocation of funding under three phases for care homes and two phases for domiciliary care and supported accommodation. Payments are made under each phase based on the previous payment being utilised in accordance with the grant conditions. This scheme is kept under review and further provision will be made if required.

We have offered a support package of £1,428,800 for contingency payments to support additional costs, mainly in the staffing and equipment of supplies, including PPE.

Occupancy subsidy to support loss of income in care homes

Care homes (for over 65s) have been particularly affected financially by the pandemic, as they have reduced occupancy levels. In addition to the contingency scheme outlined above and national infection control monies, we have agreed a scheme to support homes with the financial impact of reduced occupancy levels. This scheme will operate for 12 weeks initially and will pay 80% of the standard framework rate to homes to ‘top up’ their occupancy levels to 85%. This scheme will also be kept under review. The financial value in the table above is based on occupancy levels on 26 May 2020, however it may fluctuate if these levels change.

We have offered a support package of £362,164.

Where the funding has been allocated

Summary of payments

Support being offered Domiciliary care Residential and Nursing Care - Over 65s * Other provision (Supported Accommodation and specialist) Total spent so far on supporting providers of Warrington residents in response to COVID 19 ** Additional amount allocated but pending payment *** Total
Contingency Payments to support additional costs mainly in the areas of staffing and equipment/supplies, including PPE £112,300 £1,142,300 £174,200 £682,661 £746,139 £1,428,800
Occupancy Subsidy Scheme to support loss of income in care homes   £362,164     £362,164 £362,164
  £112,300 £1,504,464 £174,200 £682,661 £1,108,303 £1,790,964

* The above applies to all care home providers (65+) (contracted and non contracted).
** Total spent so far is the total of payments made to providers.
*** Additional amount allocated has been approved as earmarked for a particular purpose or allocated to a specific provider to be paid on certain conditions being met.