Flyposting is when people place signs, posters, adverts or stickers without permission in public places or a public on a building. We aim to remove flyposting within 14 working days.

  • Examples of flyposting are using unauthorised adverts, posters, leaflets or banners
  • In some areas, it’s the parish or town council who deal with flyposting and you may need to report it to them directly.

Flyposting on private land/or private property must be reported directly to the land owner, for example a bus shelter.

To report flyposting on council land only please use the online form and tell us:

  • How big the flyposting is and how many there are
  • What it’s advertising
  • If there are names or contact details on the fly posting
  • Where it is, in as much detail as possible
  • If its obscene, offensive or contains nudity