Starting a new food business

When you're starting up a new catering business it's very important to get things right at the beginning because it'll make everything much easier for you to run your business well in the future.

Achieve and succeed

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Book an advisory visit

Book the chance to have an advisory visit ahead of any unannounced food hygiene inspection. 

Food Standards Agency (FSA) research has shown that customers are becoming more aware of the food hygiene rating scheme and are actively looking for hygiene rating stickers when they're out and about. A better rating means more customers.

What we offer

An advisory visit will include:

  • Advice on your Food Safety Management System,
  • Assessing the current level of compliance for hygiene and structure of your premises
  • Advice on how you can comply with the Regulations ahead of your routine inspection.
  • Provide you with a copy of Safer Food Better Business, if you do not have a copy already.

Book a visit

Call 01925 442587/01925 442588 or email


  • For existing business - £159.64
  • For new business - £120.39
  • Food Safety Re-inspection (Revisit) - £172.20

Food re-inspection

If you've made improvements to hygiene standards after a previously planned inspection, you can ask for a revisit before your next planned inspection. We'll reassess the hygiene standards at your business with a view to giving you a new food hygiene rating.

As with routine inspections, we don’t make appointments to visit and our inspectors follow the same national assessment rules as they do for every other inspection.

How soon we can visit after your last inspection depends on the improvements that you need to make. 

Book a visit

Call 01925 442587/01925 442588 or email


Reinspection costs £172.20

What our customers have said

The inspector communicated clearly and was knowledgeable in his field. He was professional throughout the inspection.

Servest Staff canteen

The lady who visited us was lovely. I was nervous but she put me at ease. She explained everything fully.

Rixton with Glazebrook pre-school