Online forms: Traffic and tourism signs

Use this form to report problems with traffic signs, direction signs or tourist signs.

Direction signs

We provide directions signs to make it easier for motorists to find their way to their destinations. Generally only places that attract large amounts of traffic are signed.

Traffic signs

Traffic signs are used to warn motorists of hazards, make them aware of changes in road layout or provide information. The types of signs that the council can erect on the highway are specified by the Department for Transport.

Tourism signs

Tourist signs are directional traffic signs which differ from normal direction signs as they are shown as white letters on a brown background and may include symbols relating to the type of destination being signed.  The colour and style of tourist signs is synonymous with the tourism industry and makes them easily recognisable to road users.

To use this form you will need to tell us...

  • Your name and address
  • The type of problem
  • What issues the problem is causing to road users
  • A description including the exact location 
  • You can also upload images of the problem (for example a dirty traffic sign)

We will only ever use this information to deliver the service that you have requested. 

The data we collect from our online forms is stored for no more than six weeks.  However teams within the council may store your data for longer in order to continue to provide you with the service you have requested.  For more information see our website privacy policy.