Online forms: Apply to demolish a building

Do I need permission to carry out demolition?

The Building Act 1984 contains provisions that enable local authorities to control demolition works for the protection of public safety and to ensure adjoining premises and the site are made good on completion of the demolition. A notice of conditions is issued that require certain works to be undertaken to achieve these aims.

Procedure Section 80 of the Act places an obligation on anyone intending to demolish a building (subject to certain exceptions) to give notice to the local authority and send copies of the notice to the utility services (Gas, Water and Electricity) and also to adjoining owners and/or occupiers.

Information and guidance: Control of Demolition, The Building Act 1984 - sections 80-83 [pdf]

Please note: We'll charge £250.00 for each application, payable on receipt of the notice to demolish.

To use this form you will need to tell us:

  • Your name and contact details
  • Agents name and address if applicable
  • The building owner details
  • The demolition contractor details
  • The location and description of proposed demolition

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