Online forms: Apply for single person discount

If your household has changed, you must update the electoral register by visiting

The single person discount is 25% off your total council tax bill. You can claim single person discount if you're the only adult aged 18 years or over who lives in the property, or the other adults living in the property are not counted for council tax purposes.

To complete this form you will need to tell us:

  • Your name, address and contact details
  • Your council tax account number, if you know it
  • The date you moved in, and from when you want to claim the discount
  • If you are claiming the discount because someone has moved out, you will need to tell us their details 

Read the single person discount guidance notes for more information. 

You should apply for a discount when you first become entitled, because it is almost impossible to check backdated claims. We will not usually backdate a discount for more than a short period of time.