Online forms: Council tax uninhabitable property

It is important that this discount is claimed prior or during the work being carried out, as it is difficult to make a determination once work has been completed. Retrospective applications will only be considered if sufficient evidence of the work that has been carried out can be provided. 

Your property may qualify for a discount of 100% if:

  • The property requires or is currently having major repair work to make it suitable to live in; or
  • Work is under way to make structural alterations and the majority of this work has not been completed.

If your property qualifies for the uninhabitable discount it will last for up to 12 months, or for 6 months after works are completed, whichever comes earlier. If the property remains unoccupied or work has not finished at the end of 12 months, a 75% empty property charge will become payable.

If a property has been unoccupied and unfurnished for two years or more a 50% Empty home premium will be payable on top of the normal charge. 

When your property no longer qualifies for the uninhabitable property discount (when the work has been completed or your property becomes occupied), you are legally obliged to inform the Council Tax office within 21 days. You can be fined if you don't. Please contact the Council Tax team if you have any queries about a Council Tax discount that you currently receive. 

Examples of the types of repair work and alterations required in order for the discount to be granted are:

  • Major repairs to roof structures.
  • Rebuilding defective chimney stack(s)
  • Rebuilding external walls, for example to extend the property
  • Repair/renewal of foundations
  • Underpinning substandard foundations
  • Replacing defective solid floors
  • Replacing defective floor joists
  • Property totally gutted including removing most internal walls (Not Stud/Partition Walls)
  • Replacing defective ceiling joists
  • Rebuilding defective walls (Not Stud/Partition Walls)

Examples of types of repair work and alterations not included

The types of repairs and alterations listed below will not qualify a property for an uninhabitable property discount as they are considered to be modernisation as opposed to major repair work:

  • plumbing or heating
  • replacement/repairs of bathroom and kitchen or any other fitting/fixtures
  • rewiring
  • timber or damp proof treatments
  • re-plastering (walls or ceilings)
  • drainage
  • repairs or renewals of services
  • maintenance, for example re-pointing, window/door replacement
  • redecoration

Please note that properties condemned as 'unfit for human habitation' by our Environmental Health service have a separate exemption, Class G. They are not included in the uninhabitable discount.

How to apply for a Council Tax discount for uninhabitable property

If you believe that your property is uninhabitable you can apply for the uninhabitable property discount using our online form or email us at:

When you request an uninhabitable discount, we will carry out an inspection of the property to make sure it qualifies.  Ideally this should be before any work has started or whilst works are in progress. Once we receive your application someone will contact you to arrange a mutually convenient time to visit the property and inspect the works.

We will only ever use this information to deliver the service that you have requested. 

The data we collect from our online forms is stored for no more than six weeks.  However teams within the council may store your data for longer in order to continue to provide you with the service you have requested.  For more information see our website privacy policy.