Online forms: Request permission to film in Warrington

If you want to film in any public area in Warrington you must have a location agreement from the council.

When we receive your request, the press office will liaise with other relevant council departments on your behalf, e.g. legal, highways, property and estates, parks etc.  In some cases there may be a small charge to produce the agreement, if this is the case we will contact you.

Your request will be processed as quickly as possible but where legal permissions, road traffic orders, etc, need to be in place, please make sure you fill in this form well in advance.

We can’t agree permission to film in privately-owned locations, locations owned by other public bodies or private homes, but in most cases we can help identify the best contact.

Creative England

Creative England provides free production support and filming locations for film and TV productions looking to shoot in England, outside London.  The council has signed a Film Friendly Charter with Creative England and neighbouring councils to make Cheshire "film-friendly".

Contact Creative England’s Production Services team: or, or visit the Creative England website.

Use this form to ask for permission to film in Warrington...

Please tell us as much detail as possible:

  • Your name, contact information and details of your production company
  • The production title and type/category, a brief synopsis and broadcast channel
  • Filming description, dates, times and location(s)
  • Numbers of cast, crew and vehicles
  • If road closures or changes to parking restrictions are required
  • Any other requirements