Centre Park Link is currently under construction and due to be completed in December 2020. During the public consultation for Centre Park Link, concerns had been raised by residents local to Gainsborough Road about the impact of the new link road on traffic speeds, volumes and routing in this area. 

As a result traffic surveys were carried out in November 2018 to assess current traffic conditions along Gainsborough Road.

Key findings from those recent surveys include:

  • Recorded average traffic speeds were at 28mph 
  • The percentage of HGVs (over 7.5 tonnes) was 1% during the 12 hr survey (7.00 am-7.00 pm)
  • 50% of traffic identified was through traffic (traffic directly travelling between Chester Road and Wilderspool Causeway)

Next Steps

There are three approaches for the timing of traffic calming measures along Gainsborough Road, which we'd like your feedback upon:

Option A: Initial Monitoring and Review 

Initial Monitoring and Review to undertake further traffic surveys in 2021, 6 months after the opening of Centre Park Link to establish any change in vehicle speeds, volumes and distribution before the implementation of any traffic calming measures. 

The advantage of this option is that it will allow officers to identify mitigating issues before implementation of any measures. A further public consultation would take place after the monitoring period on any proposed measures. 

Option B: Implementation of traffic calming measures in advance of Centre Park Link opening permanently 

Implement chicanes along Gainsborough Road permanently. Our plan shows indicative locations of chicanes and signage.

This kind of traffic calming would manage the average vehicle speed along the route, potentially making the route less attractive to motorists. 

All forms of traffic calming measures can also have disadvantages. For example, chicanes will remove available on-street car parking outside some properties. There may also be noise disturbances and a reduction in air quality due to the intermittent acceleration and braking of vehicles. Also, there's a possibility that vehicles may accelerate on the approach to chicanes to 'beat' the oncoming driver to the chicane.

Option C: Implementation of traffic calming measures in advance of Centre Park Link opening on a temporary experimental basis initially

Implement chicanes along Gainsborough Road as in Option B but temporarily. Traffic surveys would be undertaken following installation to monitor the effectiveness of the measures. We'd undertake further public consultation to present the results of the monitoring surveys, gaining feedback on whether residents would like the traffic calming measures installed permanently or amended. 

Further public consultation on the location of the chicanes, whether temporary or permanent, would take place before implementation. 

Following resident concerns about vibrations caused by traffic, vertical traffic calming measures (i.e. road humps or cushions) haven't been recommended.

Consultation closed

This consultation has now closed. A consultation report will be available on the Centre Park Link web page in the coming weeks.  

Keeping in touch

If you require additional information, please email our project team at cpl@warrington.gov.uk