The Warrington Safeguarding Partnership introduced the use of the Graded Care Profile 2 (GCP2) tool in autumn 2019.

What is the GCP2?

The GCP2 is a tool designed to provide an objective measure of the care of children who are, or maybe suffering from neglect.  It is primarily based on the qualitative measure of the commitment shown by parents or carers in meeting their children’s developmental, emotional, physical and safety needs.

The GCP2 has been designed and developed by Dr O Prakash Srivastava a Community Paediatrician.  The original GCP tool was first trialled in 1995 and showed itself to be a user-friendly tool which was reliable and could replicate scores when re-tested by practitioners.  The tool has been reviewed and updated, and the NSPCC undertook a national evaluation of the tool and found that it was a useful tool and suggested some modifications to enhance it.  These modifications resulted in the GCP2.

Training for using the GCP2 tool

Practitioners must be trained to become licensed in order to use the too.  This is a one day training course and training can be accessed through the Warrington Safeguarding Partnership training portal.

GCP2 information

The following documents have been provided by NSPCC in relation to the GCP2.  Full information on the tool and how to use it is provided as part of the training and is only available to licensed practitioners.