Young people affected by substance misuse

Are you affected by parental substance misuse? How do you know when you need support? Who can you ask?

When we are affected by our parents abusing drugs/ alcohol or both we often feel shame, feel people will judge us and not understand about our situation, we may feel we are alone. Footsteps can help you with this, we are a service that will support you as much as you need. We will ensure you have the right services around you to support yourself and your whole family including you parent/s. You are not alone, its time to speak up!

How can we support you?

Footsteps offer many different ways of support; we will meet with you first and get to know you. We work with you closely and only when you’re ready. We will support you in getting the best outcomes possible and will work with you to build on your confidence, self-esteem, and resilience.

  • 1-1’s support, face to face or by telephone

We will see you our office, in a public space or in school this all depends on where you are most comfortable. If you would like to bring someone along with you, this is also ok.

  • Support Groups

We do offer a range of support groups. The groups are welcoming, friendly and encouraging. They allow you to meet others in the same situation and have a safe space where you are able to feel comfortable and safe.

  • Counselling

We offer counselling, with no waiting list. Counselling is talking therapy; it allows you to open up in a safe and confidential space.

  • Advocacy/Signposting

It’s important your voice is heard, we want your friends, family’s members and other professionals to know how your situation is affecting you. We will be your voice and talk on your behalf in meetings and with your loved ones if needed.

  • Respite

Now for the fun bit. We often hold respite days throughout the year mainly in the half terms when schools are closed. Some of our most recent days out have include Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Alton Towers, Bowling, Escape Rooms and meals out. Its important we know we can have fun and smile.

  • M-PACT Programme

M-PACT is a programme that helps children and young people aged 8-17, with parents who are or have been suffering from drug and/or alcohol problems.

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