Message from the Mayor of Warrington, Cllr Maureen Creaghan

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on so many people – and has taken its toll in lots of different ways. For many, it has been very difficult to overcome these challenges.

Through my role as Mayor, I have heard first hand of the hardships many local people are facing. I have heard about the daily struggles they have endured – and continue to endure – in their day-to-day lives.

I have spoken to people who are suffering the effects of long COVID, and people who are struggling with the strain of providing care for family members and friends.

Others are struggling with the anxiety caused by adapting to a world which has changed, or are facing difficulties with family relationships, or violence in the home. Others still are facing financial hardships through the loss of their job.

There is lots of wellbeing support available for local people. Please use the links on this page to connect with a range of services which can help you overcome any issues you are facing.

Support for people with long-COVID

How to access support

We are working in partnership with Warrington Voluntary Action and other local organisations provide advice and support for people who need it.

It is important that if you have trusted family, friends or neighbours who you are able to call on for help, and you should approach them if you need help.

However, if you do not have access to trusted help, we can support you with things like:

  • if you are struggling to source food or collect prescriptions
  • if you are feeling worried or isolated and need someone to talk to
  • if you are struggling to cope with other practicalities to keep yourself safe and well

If you need help, advice or support, please let us know.

Complete our online form

Or, you can call us on 01925 443322.

Support is also available through local volunteers. Find out more about Warrington Voluntary Action's Good Neighbour scheme.

Or, email the team at or call 01925 246880.