Transport and highway planning and design guidance

This guidance is designed to help developers with the planning, design and technical details for transport and highways works associated with new developments in Warrington.

National guidance on highway design and planning

Design manual for roads and bridges (DMRB) 

Manual for streets

Local standards and guidance

Parking Standards SPD 

Warrington Design Guidance Notes (DGNs)

ID Topic Date Content
DGN1: Parking and servicing [pdf] Parking and servicing April 2015
  • Residential parking design
  • Commercial/industrial parking and servicing design
  • On-street parking design
  • Design vehicles 
DGN2: Travel plans [pdf] Travel Plans and Guidance August 2016
  • Background information
  • Developing a travel plan
  • Components of a travel plan
  • Assessment criteria 
DGN3: Thresholds for transport assessments and travel plans [pdf] Thresholds for transport assessments and travel plans August 2016
  •  Thresholds for transport assessments and travel plans

Historical guidance

The council's Design Guide for Residential Roads and Industrial estate roads 2008 is considered to be out of date. Since its publication there have been significant changes to the recommended approach to highway design and planning. An archive copy of the Design Guide 2008 [pdf] is available.