What you need to do to get planning permission

Where planning permission is required you will need to make a formal planning application to the council via the Planning Portal.

To accompany your application you must give us specific documents, drawings and plans. Check our validation checklists before you apply to ensure you have included all relevant information. We will need a series of accurate drawings and plans that clearly define what you are proposing.

If you wish to purchase site location plans, you can buy plans from accredited suppliers through the Planning Portal, the government's planning website.

Non-material amendments

For applications of non-material amendments following planning permission the Planning Portal has the application form [pdf] for you to complete as well as guidance notes [pdf] and  help text [pdf].

For further information please see our guidance on when a non material amendment [pdf] would be acceptable.

More information

If in doubt contact us about the planning process before you undertake any work.