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Social housing

Most social housing in Warrington which is available for let will be offered through CHOOSEaHOME. This includes properties owned by:

The remaining social landlords, including Warrington Housing Association and Affinity Sutton offer 50% of the nominations through CHOOSEaHOME and allocate the others directly themselves. Other providers may have small schemes in Warrington, including Housing 21 and applicants may also wish to register separately with these providers.

Golden Gates Housing Trust (GGHT) provides social housing in Warrington.  All property was transferred from Warrington Borough Council to GGHT in 2010. 

Who can apply for social housing

Generally, you can apply for social housing if you are aged 18+ and:

  • a British citizen, or
  • a citizen of another country with the right to stay in the UK with no restrictions on how long you can stay 

16 and 17 year olds who are care leavers or are homeless and are supported by the council are also eligible to apply. 

You may be excluded from housing if you have a record of antisocial behaviour, neighbour nuisance or you are in rent arrears.  To find out more read pages 10-11 of Council's Allocations Policy [pdf].

More detailed information about eligibility to apply, plus how homes are allocated, is available in Council's Allocations Policy [pdf].  Visit the GGHT website for more information about how to get on the housing list.

Housing swap

You can swap your home with another tenant as long as all the parties and organisations involved are in agreement, you don't owe any rent and your home and garden is in good condition.  For the full list of rules, visit the GGHT website: swapping your home with another tenant

Golden Gates Housing Trust use the national HomeSwapper scheme, which is free for their tenants.  Visit the HomeSwapper website to sign up and enter your requirements.  The site will then automatically match every advertised property against your requirements and will alert you by email or text message when a potential swap is found. 

For more information please visit