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Local land charges

On 1 December 2016 HMRC announced that they would be introducing VAT of 20% on local authority CON29R and CON29O services. As of 1st February 2017 Warrington Borough Council will implement the VAT charge.

The local land charges department provides a land and property based information service to prospective purchasers and developers in the borough. The service aims to provide the fullest possible information to prospective purchasers/developers/owners in respect of land and property to ensure that informed decisions can be made and that any matters which might affect their future enjoyment of the land or property are revealed.

When purchasing a house or land there are usually a number of checks performed to make sure there are no problems with the property. As part of one of those checks it is normal to have a local authority search undertaken. This is normally organised by your solicitor or licensed conveyancer on your behalf, but it can also be carried out yourself.

Please Note: Some conveyancers/solicitors use third-party companies to carry out searches on their behalf. These companies do not always request full official local authority searches from the council and so the council cannot be held responsible for the answers they provide or the time it takes to complete the search. Additionally, if your search was carried out by a third-party company and you need further explanations from the information provided you will need to contact the company, as the authority’s land charges staff will not be able to assist you.

Types of Local Authority Searches

Official LLC1

This report provides information held in the Local Land Charges Register and can only be produced and certified by a local government authority. This can reveal any restrictions, prohibitions or financial charges on the property or area of land.

Official CON29R

This report is currently compiled of approximately 85 enquiry sections which provide important environmental information about the property or area of land. This can reveal any building regulation information, drainage agreements, contaminated land, conservation areas, road proposals or schemes and any statutory notices against the property or area of land which may incur financial charges.

Official CON29O

This report is currently compiled of approximately 22 optional enquiry sections which provide furthers environmental information about the property or area of land. This can reveal any noise abatement notices, road proposals by private bodies, enterprise zones, common land notices and public paths affecting the property or area of land.

Local Authority Search Requests

To submit a local authority search request please send the following to our postal address:

  • The appropriate search request forms (LLC1/CON29R/CON29O), these can be acquired from any official legal stationers
  • An accurate, up-to-date 1:1250 scale plan clearly showing the boundaries of the property/land in context with the surrounding area outlined in red (please provide 2 copies)
  • A cheque made payable to ‘Warrington Borough Council’ covering the fees
Local Land Charges
Warrington Borough Council
Quattro Building
Buttermarket Street

DX Address:  
DX 17760 WARRINGTON                              

Local Authority Search Fees

Our current fees as of 1 February 2017.

Additional Rated Land Parcel Fee

Basic Search - LLC1 + CON29  £171.80
LLC1  £20.00 
Additional Parcels £1.00 each 

CON29 Required

Individual CON29R Questions CON29R Fees [pdf]
CON29 Optional  £18.00 each
Additional Parcels £12.00 each 
Admin charges £10.00 (usually duplicate search requests) 
Cancellation fee £ Variable (depending on work already carried out) 

*Above prices now include VAT at 20% on CON29 products from 1 February 2017

Additional rated land parcels are where there is more than one rated land or property within the stated search boundaries. For example, should you wish to request a search for two or more properties adjacent to one another or multiple properties within one building, an additional rated land parcel fee will need to be paid for each additional property or area of land.

If your search request is found to have additional rated land parcels then we will request a resubmission of your forms, plan and cheque which can lead to delays, and so please ensure that any additional rated land parcels are taken into account before submitting your search request.

Cancellation Requests

We cannot cancel or refund searches that have already started to be processed and so all cancellation requests must be made promptly.

Processing of Search Requests

LLC1/CON29R/CON29O search processing

3-5 working days

Personal search processing

1-2 working days

Postal Returns

All postal returns are sent via Standard Royal Mail (2-3 working day delivery).