Private renting

Finding a home to rent

There are a number of letting agents in Warrington who can assist with finding private rented accommodation.  Many of these companies are based in the town centre and advertise through the local paper, the Warrington Guardian.

If you wish to access social housing, there are a number of Registered Providers (formally Housing Associations) with properties in the Borough and most of these offer properties which are available for let through a nomination based letting process called Under One Roof.     

There are a number of supported housing schemes which provide specialist accommodation for particular groups of people.  These include James Lee House, which is run by the Salvation Army and provides accommodation for single adult men aged 18 years and over.

Verve Place offers accommodation within a safe environment for 16 – 25 year olds who are homeless, have a housing problem or are currently living in insecure accommodation or an unsafe environment.

Warrington Women’s Aid can also provide emergency accommodation for women fleeing domestic violence.

Private Sector Service Access Scheme

For people who need accommodation but can’t access social housing, the Private Sector Service Access Scheme may be appropriate. The scheme is open to Warrington residents with a minimum age of 18 years. For further information about the scheme and its terms and conditions, contact housingplus.