Private renting

Issues with your landlord

There are various ways in which housingplus can advise and assist if you're the subject of landlord harassment or illegal eviction, or have other problems with your tenancy.  Please visit our town centre housingplus office at the Gateway, Sankey Street.

Alternatively, there are specialist organisations that can offer independent advice on a wide variety of housing related issues, such as Shelter or the Citizens Advice Bureau.  The National Landlords Association (NLA) has also produced a tenant information pack [pdf] for private sector housing tenants which gives some useful information about the roles and responsibilities of both landlords and tenants.

Problems between tenants and their landlord can arise when the tenant gets into financial difficulties and is unable to pay the rent or other statutory providers.  If you are on a low income consider whether or not you may be able to claim housing benefit or council tax support from the council.

Debt advice is also available online from the independent Money Advice Service.  Local debt advice services and credit unions also operate across Warrington, find out more about debt and money advice including avoiding loan sharks, alternatives to payday loans, family support and more.