Local Transport Plan

From 15 April 2019 we'll be consulting on our draft fourth Local Transport Plan. Our Transport Plan sets out our vision for a thriving, attractive, and well-connected Warrington with popular, high quality walking, cycling and public transport networks. 

Local Transport Plan and associated documents

There's also a number of supporting documents for the Local Transport Plan which you can download below: 

Have your say about our draft LTP by completing our online questionnaire.   

Please read our FAQs [pdf] on the LTP to find out more about some of the topics covered by our plan.

You can find out more about our LTP, or the Local Plan that we're also consulting on, by coming to one of our drop-in public consultation events at the South Stand Concourse, Halliwell Jones Stadium:

  • Wednesday 8 May (2pm until 8pm)
  • Tuesday 14 May (2pm until 8pm)
  • Thursday 16 May (2pm until 8pm)
  • Monday 20 May (2pm until 8pm)
  • Wednesday 22 May (2pm until 8pm)
  • Saturday 8 June (11am until 4pm)

Here's copies of our display boards [pdf] that we'll be discussing in each of our consultation events.

The closing date for consultation responses is Monday 17 June

What is a Local Transport Plan

We have a statutory duty to produce a Local Transport Plan (LTP) which is a document that helps us address local transport issues by: 

  • providing a framework for decisions on future investment
  • setting objectives for transport to support our wider goals and ambitions
  • establishing policies to help us achieve these objectives
  • containing plans for implementing these policies

Our Local Transport Plan (LTP3)

Warrington’s current Local Transport Plan is LTP3 and was adopted in March 2011.