Road safety

Latest road safety campaign

We're urging drivers to be prepared to stop at school crossing patrols.

Our officers continually monitor near misses at patrol sites and have logged numerous incidents of vehicles failing to stop for the patrols. Now the our road safety department is running a ‘Stop Means Stop’ campaign.

Cllr Hans Mundry, executive board member for highways, transportation and public realm, said:

“I am concerned by the inconsiderate and often reckless behaviour of some drivers. We have school crossing patrols for a reason.

"They are there to ensure the safety of pedestrians. I cannot understand how some drivers are prepared to flout the law and ignore them.

"They face not just fines and a points on their license but possibly the injury of someone, or even worse, on their conscience."

Under the Road Traffic Act 1988, drivers are legally obliged to obey the school crossing patrol sign.

The law states that as soon as a patrol raises their sign, even if they have not stepped into the road, drivers must be prepared to stop.  Once the patrol is in the road displaying the sign, drivers MUST stop, and not proceed until the lollypop man/woman and any accompanying children and/or adults have cleared the road.

Patrols regularly report failure to stop to the Police and anyone who is reported for not stopping will likely be prosecuted and could face a fine of up to £1,000 and have three penalty points on their driving license.