Highways Asset Management Strategy

We're committed to the consistent provision of top quality, cost effective services and to improving the way in which we manage all of our resources, including our highway assets.

Our highway infrastructure asset is our most valuable asset and its importance for national and local economic prosperity and our customer’s quality of life is well documented. The levels of funding for the management of this asset are under continuous scrutiny, with increasing pressure from government and the public for transparency, accountability and more efficient use of the limited resources available.

Asset management has been widely accepted by central and local government as a means to deliver a more efficient and effective approach to management of the highway infrastructure assets through longer term planning. This approach enables more efficient and effective use of resources, while fulfilling legal obligations, delivering stakeholder needs and safeguarding the engineering integrity of the network.

The following documents outline our approach to asset management across our highway service:

Highways maintenance progress review 2016/17