Council tax discounts and exemptions

Who can claim a discount

A full council tax bill assumes that there are at least two adults living in the property. Depending on your circumstances, you may be entitled to a discount, or even be exempt from paying the bill at all.  Find out more about properties which are exempt, or find out more and apply if you are eligible for a discount:

Single person discount - If you're the only adult living in your home More details Apply now
Council tax support - If you're on a lower income More details Apply now
Disabled persons relief - If your home has been adapted to benefit a member of your household who is disabled  More details Apply now

There are certain people we don't count when considering the number of adults living in a property - if this applies to anyone in your household, you may be entitled to a discount or exemption - so find out more and apply now: 

Full-time students and student nurses More details Apply now
Apprentices  More details Apply now
People on youth training schemes  More details Apply now
Long term hospital patients  More details Apply now
Care home patients  More details  
People who are severely mentally impaired  More details Apply now
People who are in prison  More details Apply now
18 and 19 year olds who are at, or have just left, school  More details Apply now
Volunteer residential care workers  More details Apply now
Members of religious communities  More details Apply now
People staying in hostels or night shelters  More details Contact us to apply
Members of visiting forces or certain international institutions   More details Contact us to apply
Partners of non-British students, who aren't entitled to public funds More details  

Other people who may be able to claim a discount:

Care leavers More details Apply now
People required to live elsewhere due to their job More details Contact us to apply
People living in the annexe of a home belonging to a family member More details Apply now
Carer for a disabled person  More details Apply now
Foreign diplomats  More details Contact us to apply
People in the Armed Forces (council tax relief - paid by the Ministry of Defence)  More details  
People in severe hardship or who have exceptional personal circumstances  More details  

Some properties are completely exempt from council tax - Find out more about exempt properties

If you’ve been granted a discount or exemption already...

This will be shown on the front of your council tax bill. You must tell us about any change in your circumstances that may affect your entitlement, within 21 days. If you don't you could be charged a penalty of £70.