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Different types of council tax discounts and exemptions

Unoccupied properties

Important notice: Changes to council tax discounts for unoccupied and unfurnished properties from 1 April 2016

At a meeting of Full Council on 29 February 2016, the following discounts were approved for properties which are empty and unfurnished from 1 April 2016:

  • A 100% discount will be given for a maximum of 1 month (the discount will start from the date the property becomes unoccupied and unfurnished).
  • No discount will be given if the property remains empty and unfurnished after 1 month (unless the property has been granted a discount as it is undergoing major repair work)

Please note: If you buy or rent a property that is already empty and unfurnished, then the previous owner or landlord will already have been granted a discount so you may be liable to pay 100% of the council tax.

You can read the formal public notice about this change [pdf]

The following discount/exemption scheme remains in place until 31 March 2016: 

You may be entitled to a discount or exemption on council tax for a property which is nobody's main home, and which is unfurnished:

  • A 100% discount can be given for up to three months
  • A 25% discount can then be given if the property remains empty and unfurnished after these three months

The three month period begins on the day the property becomes empty and unfurnished, no matter how long the current owner has owned it.

Apply for a discount for an unoccupied and unfurnished property [pdf]

There is no general council tax discount available for a property which is unoccupied, but is furnished.  However, there are some circumstances where a discount or exemption can be given, for example if a person has died.  More information about individual circumstances is available via the bullet points below.

Other reasons a home may be empty 

There are a number of other circumstances where we may offer a discount or exemption on council tax due to a property being unoccupied: