Different types of council tax discounts and exemptions

Disabled persons relief

If you, or a member of your household is disabled, you may be entitled to a discount on your council tax.

The discount is a one-band reduction on your property.  For example, if you currently pay a Band B charge, your new charge would be reduced to a Band A charge. If you already live in a Band A property, your council tax will be reduced by one 9th of the Band D charge.  If you're not sure which band your home is in, you can search for your council tax band by postcode and address. Information on other Council Tax bands and charges.

Who can apply 

A disabled person is defined as someone who is substantially and permanently disabled, whether by illness, injury, congenital deformity or otherwise.

In addition, your property must have at least one of these:

  • A room - other than a bathroom, kitchen or lavatory - which is predominantly used (whether for providing therapy or otherwise) by the disabled person and is required especially for meeting their needs
  • A second (i.e. additional) bathroom or kitchen which is required for meeting the needs of the disabled person
  • Extra space inside the property to allow the disabled person to move around from room to room in a wheelchair. This means that the wheelchair must be used indoors by the disabled person.

NB “Meeting the needs of the disabled person” means that the room must be of essential or major importance to his/her well being by reason of the nature and extent of the disability.

Please note that a discount can only be given if the room in question has added to the value of the home, and therefore the home is in a higher council tax band than it would be if this room was not part of the property.

We may use this information given on the form to maximise your benefits. We may pass this information on to another council department for the purposes of benefit claims.