Warrington Cultural Commission

What is the Warrington Cultural Commission?

The Cultural Commission will build on work already undertaken for Warrington’s City of Culture bid and the feedback received, to lead an open debate, which focuses on cultural provision in Warrington and future opportunities to strengthen our cultural offer.

The Commission will aim to review local, national and international evidence and research, and will seek input from local stakeholders, recognised specialists in the field and key cultural interest groups. The Commission will also take account of Warrington’s plans to develop into a ‘new city’ and the desire to establish a unique sense of place, in which culture plays a key part.

Based on the informed debate and associated research, the Commission will draw evidence-based conclusions on current position and identify opportunities and areas for improvement. The Commission will aim to provide realistic yet aspirational recommendations to further Warrington’s ambitions to become a place where culture can thrive.  These collective recommendations for change will be publicly reported.

Following the conclusion of the Commission, commission members will, where possible, act as champions for culture in the new city area and support the development of a meaningful action plan to address the recommendations made.